Made with the tradition of fine linens, embroidery adds that extra touch that makes your set truly unique.


Traditional style embroidery

Traditional style

Height capital letter 1 cm

Stick embroidery

Modern stick

Height capital letter 1 cm

Embroidery English letters

English letters

Height capital letter 1.5 cm


Personalized embroidery sleeping bag

Matching piping

We offer embroidery threads in colours that match the piping of your cover for a harmonious aesthetic recall.

White cover: choose between a blue or a greige thread.

Pastel cover: white thread.

Personalized embroidery sleeping bag

Tone on tone

For ultimate elegance you can choose to embroider with a thread that matches the colour of your cover.

White cover: white thread.

Pastel cover: choose between a green, pink or blue thread.


Top left, heart side

Our embroideries are intentionally
realized in small size.

Bottom right, at the foot of the sleeping bag

A discreet signature.

Embrodery costs and deadlines

Embroidery first name, initials or date : 20 EUR

Embroidery is entirely made in France within 72 hours, dispatched 24 hours later.

As the embroidered covers
are unique and personalised, we do not accept returns or exchange.

For any question, advice or particular request
do not hesitate to contact us:

Tel : +33 (0)4 97 08 40 21

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