Warmth index

TOG Sleeping bag 

The tog is a unit of measurement of thermal insulation, used in the textile industry. It is often used to indicate the degree of warmth of comforters but also to indicate the heat index of baby sleeping bags.

The tog of the sleeping bags varies from 0.5 for the very light summer sleeping bags, to 3.5 for the winter ones. 

Although the tog can give an indication of the degree of warmth of a sleeping bag, it does not provide information on the quality of the filling used to fill the sleeping bag. Thus, for the same tog, the thermal performance can vary greatly depending on whether polyester padding or naturally thermoregulating materials are used. 

Plumetine, a winter and summer sleeping bag

Our Kapok sleeping bag set is TOG 2.5. The complete set is recommended for room temperatures of 18 to 22 degrees (to be combined with your baby's nighttime clothing).

The sleeping bag cover alone, TOG 1, is recommended for temperatures above 22 degrees (always in relation to dressing your baby for the night).

Our recommendations are as follows: 

Temperature of the room  18-20 degrees  20-22 degrees 22-24 degrees
Type of sleeping bag  Complete sleeping bag set  Complete sleeping bag set  Sleeping bag cover only
Baby clothing Long sleeve bodysuit Short sleeve bodysuit Short sleeve bodysuit
Velvet pyjamas Lightweight pajamas  Lightweight pajamas 


What temperature for the baby's room?

We are often afraid that baby is cold at night, and tend to overheat the room of our little ones. 

For an ideal sleep, it is recommended that the temperature in your baby's room be between 18 and 20 degrees, combined with a humidity level between 40% and 55%. 

Indeed, the degree of humidity of the room must also be taken into account because it impacts the temperature felt. We advise you to use a thermometer/hygrometer indicating the temperature as well as the humidity level of the room in order to ensure an optimal comfort for your baby.

An ideal temperature of 19 degrees 

Even if a temperature of 19 degrees seems cold to you, it is the advice given by the French health authorities, for medical, safety and wellbeing reasons.  

It is indeed recommended to dress your baby and use a sleeping bag of appropriate tog for a 19 degrees room, rather than overheating baby's room, even if baby is lightly covered.