A winter/summer set

Our unique sleeping bag set is ideal for year-round sleeping.


Temperate Kapok Duvets

We have carefully considered the filling weight (250g/m²), so that our duvets are suitable for rooms with a temperature range of 18 to 22 degrees celsius.         

We have developed a unique stitching method that enhances the full fluffiness of Kapok.

Thus, thanks to the puffiness and trapped air in the fibres, the comforters are very breathable and benefit from a natural thermoregulation: they remain warm in winter and cool in summer.


Modular sleeping bag set, 3 tog in 1

With its removable comforters (from Tog 1 to 3), our sleeping bag set is temperature-adjustable for all 4 seasons.

In winter, use the whole set. As the seasons go by, you can remove 1 then 2 comforters, depending on the temperature of your little one's bedroom, and keep only the tog 1 cover in summer.

In the off-season, if your little one sleeps on his back, you can keep the comforter on the front of the sleeping bag. If baby sleeps on his stomach, keep his back well covered with the back comforter. 

The concept and the model are registered and protected in France by the INPI.