Our sleeping bag set is easy to care for, just change the cover, shake and air the duvets to sustainably maintain your set long term. 


In order to keep your duvets healthy, we advise you to air them well, regardless of the season

Ventilation keeps the air in the natural filling healthy. We advise you to wait before placing the duvets back in a new cover after the cover has been removed for washing.

Just like airing your baby's bed linen, it's essential to air your little one's bedroom for at least 10 minutes every day , and to check the temperature before going to bed.



Daily maintenance is simple 

Simply airing, patting and shaking the duvets after the night's sleep will make them return to their original shape. 

As Kapok is a plant-based down, it can compress over time and lose volume. In this case, simply separate the fibers by hand, and put them in the dryer for a short, mild cycle. The warm air will help the fibers regain their volume.

To preserve the structure and properties of the Kapok fibers, we recommend washing your comforters only when necessary. Kapok contains a natural substance that makes the fiber antibacterial and resistant to dust mites. Also, thanks to its highly breathable fibers, it requires no washing.

Although Kapok is water-resistant, machine washing will gather the fibers together (clump them) when wet. Any stains on the cover should first be cleaned by hand with soap, taking care to soak the comforter in as little water as possible. This is followed by immediate and complete drying (see 'drying' section below).

If hand washing is not enough, you can machine wash your comforters by carefully following the instructions below:


  • Use only a 30 degree 'Hand/Wool' program.
  • Wash the duvets alone. 
  • Choose a soft detergent without enzyme, do not use softener. 
  • Spin at 800 rpm maximum.
  • Separate fibers by hand as much as possible to facilitate the drying process.
  • Once dry, steam ironing restores volume to comforters.

After washing, it's essential to dry comforters immediately and thoroughly to remove all moisture from the filling and prevent the natural, raw, unbleached filling from staining the cover.

Your comforters are machine-washable; the fibers will regain their original volume once dried. However, pure, raw Kapok fibers will stain the fabric if not dried immediately and carefully.



  • Dry immediately until all moisture is removed from the interior of the lining.
  • In summer, dry outside in the sun, turning comforters regularly to dry evenly. 
  • In the tumble dryer, dry the comforters alone, separating the fibers regularly by hand during the drying cycle until the filling is completely and evenly dry.
  • Let stand in the open air (preferably in the sun), shake and separate the fibres again by hand to give them volume. 
  • Gentle steam ironing will add volume to your comforters.

The immediate and complete drying of the comforters is necessary to avoid any stain on the envelope. It also allows to keep the Kapok healthy and for a long time.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that you should only follow our tested and approved care instructions. Please disregard any other recommendations that concern different Kapok products. Our filling method is unique and therefore requires different care than other existing Kapok products.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Crafted in 100% cotton, the cover has been designed to be removed and washed as often as needed:

  • Before first use, wash the cover in a short cold cycle.
  • Prefer a special baby detergent, without softener.
  • Choose a moderate 40°C program to preserve the colors.
  • Do not tumble dry. Dry outside in the shade.
  • Steam ironing will give your set a crisp and polished look.


Our care tips:
Air your set and your child's room every day
Avoid diaper leaks
No washing of the duvets unless necessary

How do you prevent your baby's nappy from leaking?

  • Correctly adjust and close the diaper (one finger space between the belly and the diaper).
  • Change the diaper before each bedtime (nap and night).
  • Equip baby with a special night diaper
  • Change the diaper at every night time wake up. 

It is all about the hygiene and comfort of your little one, but also about the longevity of your duvets.