A fabric that is pleasant to the touch

Cotton interlock

Extremely soft, interlock is the preferred knit for baby clothing.

Knitted according to our needs

In Portugal, GOTS certified

Our Interlock is made to measure in Portugal, in 100% organic cotton.

It is GOTS certified, the most comprehensive certification system for textile products. It guarantees that the production processes used are socially responsible and environmentally friendly.

A stretchy fabric

Particularly soft material pleasant to wear

Used for a long time for underwear and loetard because of its softness and comfort.

It is the ideal material for the lining of our cover, in direct contact with the baby's skin.

In contrast to fabrics

A knitted fabric, not a woven

A stitch is not made up of interwoven warp and weft threads but of a single thread knitted with needles, a technique similar to that used to make sweaters.