A down proof woven duvet cover 

Cotton twill

The fabric quality of the duvets is fundamental.

It is the outer lining that contains the filling, which prevents the highly volatile Kapok fluffy fibres, from escaping.

A down proof weave

The outer lining, an important detail

The cotton twill brings ultimate comfort to our duvets thanks to its safe, soft and silky feel.

The very tight weave ensures that the fluffy Kapok fibres are completely escape proof.

Horizontaly stitched

Quilted duvets

The stitching ensures an even distribution of the Kapok and gives it its full fluff power.

Kapok can thus reveal
all its natural thermoregulatory properties.  

A precise finishing

A buttonhole fastener

A button fastening mechanism ensures the duvets stay in place.

Double-stitched and a white bias ribbon cover the edges of the outer lining.

All our fabrics are certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class 1 'baby' product guaranteeing the absence of harmful substances during their manufacturing.