Our products are entirely made in Europe.

At Plumetine, we have chosen responsible manufacturing in Poland, respecting the working conditions and the remuneration.

We have collaborated mainly with French, Portuguese and German vendors for the materials and supplies of our sets. Our packaging is also made in Europe, from natural recycled materials.

All Plumetine products are 'Made in Europe'.

A complete 3-piece set

Our sleeping bag is not a classic sleeping bag

This is a complete 3-piece set, consisting of a flexible cover and 2 hand-filled duvets.

Modular and well thought-out 3 piece set, to provide ideal sleeping conditions all year round.

The choice of materials

Quality and ethics at the heart of our selections.

At Plumetine, we have carefully selected high quality natural fabrics, all of which are certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class 1 'baby' products, guaranteeing that no harmful substances are used in their manufacturing process.

Our philosophy in the design of our products seeks to reduce the use of polyester to favour natural materials. Natural materials of plant-based origin in order to preserve the animal species and to reduce our environmental impact. 

We also paid attention to the details. We have developed and produced our own colours and carefully chosen details to offer a sleeping bag set with exceptional comfort and refined lines.

We have chosen to design better, source ethically and produce responsibly.